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Topic - Week 8[livejournal.com profile] therealljidol (2 ч. на 1-м месте)

It's almost like people knew that this topic was coming and have been preparing in the Green Room! ;) What it is? No comment Link your entries to this thread by Friday, Feb 10th at 9pm EST

Possibly Lost Package[livejournal.com profile] pkmncollectors (2 ч. на 1-м месте)

Hey guys, long time no post! I recently started collecting again after a small hiatus, but that's not why I'm making this thread.I ordered the popplio pokedoll and a few other things from hobby_japan last month. It shipped on the 16th and still hasn't arrived yet. The estimated delivery dates were Jan 20-Feb 1 so I'm starting to worry it might...

Vote - Week 8[livejournal.com profile] therealljidol (2 ч. на 1-м месте)

A few words from :After a couple weeks with very little in the way of “extra loss” due to bye-outs, unfortunately we have 4 this week. All 4 of them are (again) veterans. I’m really sensing as theme here… vets, I’d start watching your backs in “Real Life”. Apparently, the newbies are coming after you there as well!I’m hoping they can come back...

OTP Rumble 2017 - Round 01[livejournal.com profile] calendarsquares (2 ч. на 1-м месте)

The phrase “One True Pairing” was probably created just for these two. They're theones who never fight, work well together, and often lose individuality inyour mind because they're too closely linked.THE PERFECT TWOFor this challenge, you must icon the most definitive OTP pairing you ship. ...

Sacchan Subs: 2017.01.25 TOKIO Kakeru CUT - Yokoyama You[livejournal.com profile] sacchanxd (2 ч. на 1-м месте)

Here's the time Yoko guested on TokiKake! :D TOKIO's so lively and loud I loveee.I lose my shit every single time I watch this part. And Mabo's tsukkomi is just the icing on the cake.---From Russia's Yokoyama to Yokoyama Henry.---If you follow me on twitter I already spoiled this clickbait for you, lol. Sorrz.---Yoko admiring...

Padahug Countdown!!! Day 83[livejournal.com profile] vyperdd (1 ч. на 1-м месте)

Another favourite Sam scene from 12x11:@jarpad DESERVES ALL THE AWARDS FOR COMBINING FEAR , ANGER , RELIEF , TENSION , LOVE IN THIS SCENE?LOVE YOU JARED pic.twitter.com/i6fd89SKPQ— Ruby loves jared (@ruby_zd) February 10, 2017

challenge 193: 2 is better than 1[livejournal.com profile] the7days (1 ч. на 1-м месте)

1. two people2. two colors3. two colors + two people4. two caps + two people5. two caps6. two colors7. two peopleI just rewatched Doctor Who: Series Two so thought that would be fitting!

blazing blue[livejournal.com profile] oh_crime (1 ч. на 1-м месте)

20 icons for mostly legends of tomorrow+ random challenge entries. 01-05angel x2, lucifer, class x2 06-10doctor who x2, ant-man, riverdale, legends of tomorrow ...

Health v system[livejournal.com profile] bunn (1 ч. на 1-м месте)

Phonecall from NHS: will I come in for checkup?  Well, OK I say, and agree a date and time. Letter from NHS a week later : Come in for a checkup or we will cut off your monthly prescription!  Also, please email us to confirm, do not phone.   Also, here is a thing for sending secure documents that you have to register for. Me,...

UBC: Nash, Among the Missing[livejournal.com profile] truepenny (1 ч. на 1-м месте)

Among the Missing: An Anecdotal History of Missing Persons from 1800 to the Present by Jay Robert NashMy rating: 4 of 5 starsFor what it is and when it was written, this is a pretty good book.It is not (what I realized belatedly I had been hoping for) a history of missing persons investigations. It's a series of anecdotes about people who go...

One of Our Aces Has Fallen[livejournal.com profile] grrm (1 ч. на 1-м месте)

Very sad news out of Denver for all readers of science fiction and fantasy, and for Wild Cards fans in particular. We've just received word that Ed Bryant has died.Ed did reviews for LOCUS for years, and they've posted an excellent obituary for him... more complete than what I could have cobbled together. Find it here:...

#105 - multifandom icons.[livejournal.com profile] mundodefieras (1 ч. на 1-м месте)

And here we are with the first official icon post for the year. I've been slower than usual, but time hasn't been on my side. As usual this post is multifandom, because I just can't keep myself of iconing everything :D So, here are the fandoms:[5] Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., [5] Daredevil, [5] iZombie, [5] Kingdom, [5] Lucifer, [5]...

100 Days of Happiness - Day 86[livejournal.com profile] dizzojay (1 ч. на 1-м месте)

I've found a new part of Jensen to love ...I've never fallen in love wiith anybody's ribcage before ...*mesmerised*

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