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LiveJournal: Important Updates[livejournal.com profile] news (14 ч. на 1-м месте)

Control of LiveJournal as a blogging platform has been transferred to SUP Media LLC, a legal entity based in the Russian Federation. This decision stems from the urge to become closer to our users, most of whom live in Europe and Russia. Every LiveJournal user will be offered to sign the new User Agreement with SUP Media. Paid services, however,...

Do new Russian laws affect us? Asking for, basically, all of us.[livejournal.com profile] vintage_ads (2 ч. на 1-м месте)

I just read this. Very first sentence says: "It is now illegal in Russia to distribute any images that depict President Vladimir Putin wearing makeup and implying he is gay." Emphasis mine. I'm not IN Russia. Yet LJ is. So does that mean WE can't post such depictions, even if we are not in Russia? Or would that be okay if our community was a...

The end of an era.[livejournal.com profile] cmpriest (1 ч. на 1-м месте)

Since the new Russian TOS have dropped here at LiveJournal - I think it's time to close this down. I've been keeping an LJ in some for another since 2000, so this really does feel Big and Sad, except...well. This page hardly gets the traffic it used to. There are still a few folks I've been keeping track of over here, and vice-versa, I'm sure;...

Brits: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly[livejournal.com profile] topum (1 ч. на 1-м месте)

So we did the Americans first (click here to go to that post) and I thought it was really interesting (but boy, were they down on themselves). I think time has come to do the Brits. Now, I have to confess that they are my favourite, so much so that I chose to live among them even though I remained decidedly non-British in everything I do but it...

Sales Post - MANY MORE TO COME!!![livejournal.com profile] nofareli (1 ч. на 1-м месте)

INSTRUCTIONS -PLEASE READ CAREFULYBUYING1. Items are sold on a first come first served basis.2. All sales are final! no refunds, returns or exchanges.3. All items are as shown in the pictures. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask before paying.4. Additional pictures will be available upon request. Please take into account that if a...

Dodge Charger ads[livejournal.com profile] retro_futurism (1 ч. на 1-м месте)

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